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Shopping trips

Please share your shopping trips below so other readers can see the deals you scored and your use of coupons.


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Leave your boyfriend/husband at home…

Leave kids at home..I can’t do ANY shopping while im out with the kids lol

eat first at home before grocery shopping, will buy less

This is so true, otherwise I come home with too many treats.

My hubby is a big help to me, got him helping with the coupons and shopping….

Went to Walgreens for my stuff today, had her break it into 2 separate cash register transactions so could use some of register rewards from first batch on second batch. bought W overnight maxi, balance bar and renu 12 oz solution, gave her $2 coupon I printed out for Renu – my total was 9.08 and got back $8.60 in Register Rewards.
Then she rang up Schick Quattro for Women, Remington Razor and diet coke (for the overage on Schick) I gave her the $8.60 in register rewards from first batch, the $5 coupon I printed out on Schick Quattro and my total was $2.00 and got back $10 in register rewards. So for spending $11.08 got all this merchandise and still have $10 left in register rewards! Can’t beat that!

That’s great ! A little later today I am gonna post a scenario for Walgreen’s where you will get over $100 in products for damn near nothing. Stay tuned for this one !

Went to local Schnucks and found a form for Conagra Schnucks Peace of Mind offer, but 10 conagra products get $5 Schnucks gift card. Bought 10 cans Hunts diced tomatoes at 10/$10, will send in form tomorrow for $5 gift card,must be received by 9/30/11

Went to CVS today, got my razor with the 5.00 off coupon, also the Excedrin migrane, and bumblee tuna (had cooupons for that) good trip..

went back for round 2 at walgreens
bought zantac 24 ct max strength on sale for $7.99 had $5 off coupon I printed out the other day, had $2 off from Wag Oct booklet
bought Schick quatto refills for women had $4 cpn from paper 9/25
bought another w maxi pads for daughter
bought 2 theraflu with lipton tea and lemon had 2- $2 coupons from Sunday
bought diet coke and hershey bar
also gave them $10 in register rewards from yesterday
only paid $2.15, $25.00 mf cpn savings, $6.39 wag savings
but only got back $2 in rr was expecting $12 didn’t notice til got home so looked at receipt, she only rang up 1 theraflu even tho I bought 2 and did not get that rr, and also I think because I gave her the rr for schick quattro to pay, I did not get another one today?? I am not going back to store to straighten out theraflu mistake, I figure it came out about the same price
but regardless, I consider it a pretty good haul for $2.15

Yeah, that sounds good to me. Great job ! Don’t you LOVE getting alot of stuff for almost nothing ? And to think that at some point in your life you used to pay full price. Full price is for the birds.

went to cvs and bought the purinda pet food, only had 1 coupon for $1.50 off 2 dog treats, got the $3 ecb for buying $15 worth
they were out of the lower back pad for pain relief and the excedrin
guess it pays to go on Sunday when sale first starts

I’ve noticed that CVS and Rite Aid always run out of sale items early. You would think that they would have proper stock before running/advertising a sale BUT obviously this is not the case. I will be posting a informative article on rain checks a little later today.

I don’t shop that much at Walgreens, to me it is so confusing with those RR’s…. you can’t use them on the same product…..ugh……I rather CVS…and YES they are very low on there sale items…..but I do get rainchecks….but rather have the item in stock to go with my scenenrios….never works

Andrea, I love Walgreens RR, give them another try – I did make mistake and use schick quattro on schick quattro again, they took it but did not give me another RR – but at least Walgreens you do not get a card to use like CVS so if you go back another day in same week can get the same deal again, whereas CVS tracks how many deals you get by their card – I am going to go back to CVS to get my rain checks though

These codes got me messed up what is RR. I know there is a list of these somewhere. Is that rebate rewards? Is that the booklet at Walgreens? I wish CVS was not on the other side of town.

RR is register rewards at walgreens. they print out for money off next purchase, but you can’t use them on the same deal or you won’t get new ones. Like when I got a $5 one for schick quattro, I later went back to buy another schick quattro and by mistake gave cashier the $5 rr from the first one. they took it but I did not get a new one for the second quattro I was buying. hope this helps

Yeah I should try again, but like you said you don’t get the RR’s if you use them on the smae product, and that happened to me a few times alrady, forgot all about them when I used it……Yes don’t foget to get your rainchecks, no expiration date…I used some from yrs ago….

Went to CVS tonight…picked up the Schick razor, can’t believe they still had them,,,had to use my 2.00 ECB, tonight was the last night…so did good….wanted to get the Folgers coffee, but of course all gone, but did get a raincheck….

went to cvs Sunday and got 6 Dove shampoo at 2/$6. Used 3 B1G1 from Sunday paper. Used 2 75 cent off coupons that I printed out for Dove. Paid a little over $7 and got back a $5 extra bucks reward

I wondered if that shampoo was okay. Is the reward from CVS something you got cause you shop there often? Or was it because there was a special reward for that shampoo?

cvs prints out extra bucks on some advertised products you use on your next shopping trip. can use for anything. I think the dove shampoo is okay, but i am not that picky.

I won some Wholly guacamole coupons from you and I have noticed at Dillions when the gaucamole is getting ready to expire they put it on sale. I got a heck of a deal with the coupons you sent me. I believe I bought 3 packages of guacamole for 9.00 after the coupons it came to a total of 3.50 a little over 1.00 each so cool. I love when that happens.

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