Counting Cents Coupons

List of coupons I got from emailing companies

Bolthouse Farms – (4) $1 off/1 salad dressing

Stroehmann – (2) $1 off/1

Heinz – (2) .50 cents off/1 ketchup

Alouette – 1 FREE cheese & (2) $1 off/1 cheese

Melitta – (4) $1 off/1 coffee 8oz or larger & (3) .35cents off/1 coffee filters

Smucker’s – (2) .55cents off/1 Smucker’s product

Bigelow – 2 tea samples & (2) $1 off/1 tea

Tuttorosso – (2) .50cents off/2 Tuttorosso tomato product

Bush’s – (2) .55cents off/1 beans (any size, any flavor)

Dannon – (6) .25cents off/1 Dannon product

Bumble Bee – (4) .25cents off/1 tuna

Edy’s – (2) .50cents off/1 Fruit bars 6pk or larger

Chore Boy – 1 FREE Chore Boy product

Kozy Shack – (3) $1 off/2 Kozy Shack products

Entennmans – (2) $1 off/1

Boboli – (2) $1 off/1

Welch’s – (2) .50cents off/1

Folger’s – (2) $1 off/1 coffee

Michaelina – 2 FREE frozen entrees

Simply Potatoes – (2) .55cents off/1

Skinny Cow – (2) $1 off/1 ice cream & (2) .25cents off/1 candy

Sunsweet – (2) .75cents off/1

Celeste – (2) .25cents off/1 pizza

Earthbound Farms – (2) $5 off/1 product & (2) $1 off/1 product

Ocean Spray – 1 FREE Ocean Spray juice ( 64oz )

Marzetti – 1 FREE salad dressing

Turkey Hill – (4) .50cents off/1 ice cream, (2) $1 off/1 dairy product, (3) .35cents off/1 iced tea

Colgate – TOO many to write. They mailed me about 15 coupons for various products including toothpaste, toothbrushes, Irish Spring, Softsoap, Lady Speed Stick, Palmolive, Body wash, Men’s Speed Stick, Suavitel, Mouthwash, Colgate Wisps, oral pain relievers, and more.

Soy Joy – (2) B2G1 Soy Joy bars

Apple & Eve – (4) .50cents off/1

Barber Foods – (1) $1 off/1 chicken product & (1) $1 off/2 chicken products

Lawry’s – (2) .75cents off/1 Lawry’s product

Dominos (sugar) – 1 $2 off/1 Domino product, 1 .50cents off/2 sugar products, 1 .50cents off/1 Domino organic sugar AND a recipe book of their Top 10 most requested recipes

Tide – $1 off/1

Thomas – (2) $1 off/1

Martin’s – (3) .55cents off/1 any Martin’s bakery product (bread, potato rolls, hot dog rolls, etc.)

*Dial – (3) .35cents off/1 Dial product (bar, liquid, hand sanitizers, or body wash), (1) .50cents off/1 liquid or dry Purex detergent, (1) .50cents off/1 Soft Scrub product, (1) .40cents off/1 Renuzit product except candles

*Renuzit – (1) .40 cents off/1 Renuzit product (except candles)

*Purex – (1) .50 cents off/1 any liquid or dry Purex detergent

*Soft Scrub – (1) .50 cents off/1 any Soft Scrub product

Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones – (4) 75 cents off/1 any Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones product

Riceworks – $1 off/1 bag of Riceworks (any size)

Eight O’clock coffee – (3) $1 off/1 coffee

True Lemon – (2) $1 off/1 True Lemon product

Sorrento – (2) $1 off/1 cheese item 60z package or larger AND they sent a  cookbook

McCormick – .75cents off/1 McCormick item and a .75cents off/1 McCormick dry seasoning mix

Sun Maid – (4) .35cents off/1 any Sun Maid raisins or dried fruit AND a recipe booklet

Chobani – (3) .30cents off/1 any Chobani 6oz

The above ( * asterick ) coupons I got from emailing Henkel.

So you know, if you want coupons from Entenmann’s, Stroehman’s, and Thomas’, you have to email Bimbo bakeries.

This is a list to date. When more come in the mail, I will update the list.


30 Responses to "List of coupons I got from emailing companies"

I e-mailed about 5 companys just to see what would happen and got a response from Alouette – 1 FREE cheese & (2) $1 off/1 cheese & Stroehmann – (2) $1 off/1 their coupons arrived in 4 days.I’m going to continue with the list. Can i write to them again for more coupons or is this a one time offer with that address and e-mail that was used.

The FREE Alouette coupon was my favorite. You asked if you could write them again- most companies record a list of who they mailed coupons to. This is not to say that they will not mail you more if you wrote again but I would wait about 3-6 months before trying again. I have gotten more coupons in the mail and will be updating this list this week so keep an eye out. Definitely write to Colgate- they were very generous with the coupons.I’m happy to see you are getting some great coupons.

Always good coupons if I could just win a printer to print them with my printer broke recently I am so bummed…

I know how you feel because I got my laptop before my printer. So for about 2 weeks I couldn’t print coupons. That is a bummer BUT you can get a basic color printer for only $29.99. And that is brand new. I bought the HP deskjet 1000 at Walmart for only $29.99. You could check out ebay but most of the printers on there are used. I prefer new.

This time I want wireless and I need a scanner. I have two printers hooked to my old computer one doesn’t work at all and the other one scans. This computer my laptop was not compatible with either of those. So now I want printer scanner wireless. I found one on Amazon shipped and new for about 40.00 that did not seem too bad for a wireless all in one. I am too cheap. If I would think about it the printer would pay itself off in a week of couponing… LOL

what do you say in your email? do you just ask for coupons?

Good question. You want to compliment their product. Or if you have a problem with their product, try to tell them in a positive/nice manner. Here is an example of an email I would do (we will use Wise potato chips as an example).
Dear Wise,
I wanted to let you know how much my family loves your chips. Wise is our favorite. My favorite flavor is Salt and Vinegar. My husband’s favorite is Sour Cream and Onion. If you have any available coupons you can mail me, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

thanks for the tip, I’ll have to try this soon!

I love getting coupons from companies

A lot of the companies I write to, most send me an E-mail thanking me , no coupons, well I do get a few but not many….not like you all….

I’m very surprised to hear that. What exactly do you write? The majority of companies I email DO send coupons.

I write saying how much I like there products and if they have any coupons to share….I just got back an e-mail yesterday from Maxwell house stating they don’t send coupons to look in the Sunday papers….thats what the last ones where telling me..I will see if I remember any more that I wrote to…..

Oh I see you got a coupon for Ocean Spray, I wrote to them also, send me a nice thank you letter back and send they don’t have coupons now to send but to check back…..and on line

Got mailed coupons from Alouette, up to $8 for free cheese, and 2 $1 off, got email reply from Dominos sugar that they are mailing me coupons but cannot do it on a regular basis. When I write I compliment their products and say I am on a retirement budget and getting coupons really helps

I’am still writing to the companies and hope to ge some more coupons…not just a thank you letter…..fingers crossed

I had response by email from ocean spray that they are not sendng out coupons, they try to give discounts to the stores so they can run specials for consumers
But had better email news from bigelow tea, they are sending me samples and coupons.

Thanks raddola…..will try sending one to bigelow tea…thanks again

Well just e-mailed Drano a letter, a compliment, and got an e-mail back today thanking me and they have no coupons… watch the papers…..ugh…

got the nice Atkins samples today, 3 protein bars, carb counter, recipes, quick start guide, they were very generous

oh, not sure now if I emailed Atkins, maybe it was listed as a freebie, I don’t see Atkins on email list now

WOW, that was good from Atkins…..

Just emailed Marzetti, I love this salad dressing, hopefully I get something good.

Just emailed Alouette

Just emailed Chore Boy, hopefully I get something for at least one of these companies.

I also e-mail Chore Boy, hope I get the good coupons thats listed above…..and also the Marzetti……

Today I got 2 free product Michelina’s from emailing them up to $2.50 each, got 2 tea bags samples from Bigelow and 2 coupons from Bigelow each $1 off one

I also got 2 Free coupons from Michelina’s and also the free coupon for Chore product…..getting better…

Got $2 off any dominos product and recipe booklet from emailing them

I didn’t get in on Dominos……good for you raddola….

Got the free coupon today from Marzetti….thank you

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