Counting Cents Coupons

Coupon lingo

Here is a list of commonly used abbreviations with couponing :

  • BOGO/B1G1 – buy one, get  one
  • WYB – when you buy
  • OOP – out of pocket
  • OOS – out of stock
  • NLA – no longer available
  • Q – coupon
  • CPN – coupon
  • IVC – instant value coupon
  • IP – internet printable coupon
  • MFC/MFR – manufacturer’s coupon
  • MIR – mail in rebate
  • PSA – prices starting at
  • OAS – on any size
  • RP – Red Plum
  • SS – Smart Source
  • P&G – Proctor & Gamble
  • tear pad – pad of refund forms or coupons found hanging on store shelf/display
  • stacking – using a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon
  • WSL – while supplies last
  • CI – coupon insert
  • CP – coupon policy
  • CRT – cash register tape
  • EXP – expires
  • FAR – free after rebate
  • peelies – coupons found on product packaging you can ”peel” off
  • blinkies – coupons found in the small red boxes with ”blinking” lights near products in the grocery isle
  • BTFE – box tops for education
  • overage – when you save more than the product costs- store policies vary and you may or may not get to keep overage
  • CAT or Catalina – coupon generated at check out for a certain item, or to be used as cash for a future purchase
  • OYNO – on your next order
  • OYNP – on your next purchase
  • UPC – universal bar code
  • WT – wine tag ( coupons hanging on bottle necks )
  • WAGS – abbreviation for Walgreen’s
  • ECB – extra care bucks ( CVS- reward printed on your receipt to be used as cash on future purchase )
  • RR – register rewards ( Walgreen’s version of ECB )
  • +UP – Rite Aid’s version of ECB
  • SCR – single check rebate ( from Rite Aid )
  • $1/2 – $1 off 2 items

13 Responses to "Coupon lingo"

Thanks for the tips I am new with all the coupon stuff. this helps me a lot.

this helps a lot! Do you also have a list of categories to sort coupons into?

Yes. I do MOST of my grocery shopping at Shoprite. I LOVE Shoprite. So I organize my coupons in order of their store aisles. For example, aisle 1 is produce, and deli. Aisle 2 is deodorant, razors, feminine products, etc. Everyone has their own way of organizing. Whatever works best for you. I out grew my binder and am waiting for a new one to come. Can’t wait !

that’s a good idea, I might try it!

Who can remember all this? Do you know it by heart now?

maybe we could quiz each other, Jenny?

good idea on the quiz..ive been couponing for a while now..and still dont know every thing lol

Loved the coupon lingo. I feel so smart now

Thanks for the coupon lingo…I forget a lot of these…ha ha

Who knew there was coupon lingo, to translate? This is a HUGE help. Thank you.

I had better study… the lingo.

Okay don’t laugh but I thought BOGO was some kind of sale that Payless had. I had no idea what it mean then I started seeing it at other places I had wondered what it meant for years. Can anyone say DUH JENNY…. LOL Atleast I know now… Now maybe I can learn some of the other codes.

In face I thouhgt at one time it was something to do with the payless boots being on sale then I thought it was a brand of shoes that Payless carried. Who would of thought.

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