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Kroger’s Instant Win Game has over 45,000 prizes including $1, $2, $3, and $4 off your next shopping trip. Kroger’s and their affiliate stores are included. You must have rewards card. Here is a list of affiliate stores :

  • Bakers Plus
  • City Market
  • Dillons
  • Food4Less Fremont
  • Fred Meyer
  • Fry’s
  • Gerbes
  • Hilander
  • Jay C Foods
  • King Soopers
  • Kroger ( of course )
  • Owens Market
  • Pay Less
  • QFC
  • Ralph’s
  • Smith’s

Go to and scroll down page till you see Kroger’s Instant Win Game and that will take you to the game. GOOD LUCK ! We don’t have any of these stores in NJ.


Staples is currently having a rebate on computer ink. For every $39 you spend on HP (Hewlett Packard) ink, you get a $10 Staples gift card. Ink must be purchased between 8/28/11 and 09/03/11.

  • There is a limit of 2 rebates per customer/address.
  • Rebate can be mailed or entered online and must be submitted or postmarked within 60 days from purchase.
  • You can track your rebate online and should receive your rebate within 4-6 weeks.

I just submitted my rebate online and it was very easy. ALSO, I bought a pack of printer paper (500 sheets) for $4 at Staples. This was almost $2 cheaper than Walmart.

French’s has some great coupons for spicy mustard, honey mustard, hot sauce, crunchy fried onions, worchestshire sauce, and more. Go to and register. Then hit the coupon page and select and print your coupons.

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for no posts the last couple days but I had to evacuate due to hurricane. I brought my laptop with me but could not get on internet. Will be new posts later today. Thanks.

Last night I went to Shoprite to pick up a few quick things to fire up the gril.

This is what I bought :

1- Dixie paper plates @ $1.78

1- green squash @ $1.10

1- orange pepper @ $2.07

1- yellow pepper @ $1.96

1- red pepper @ .88 cents

1- purple eggplant @ $1.03

1- red onion @ $1.39

2- Seneca Apple chips @ $1.99 each

1- Kozy Shack rice pudding @ $3.29

2- Sorrento Fresh Mozzarella @ $3.99 each


I used the following coupons :

1- FREE Kozy Shack item ( – $3.29 taken off bill )

1- FREE Sorrento Cheese ( – $10 taken off bill ) This coupon stated 1 free cheese up to $10. When cashier swiped coupon, $10 was taken off and I was not complaining.

2- $1 off/1 Seneca Apple chips ( – $2 taken off bill )

1- .50cents off/1 Dixie product ( $1 off bill because coupon doubles )


The above FREE coupons I got from emailing the company when I had a problem with their product. If you buy something and there is a problem (such as mold, tastes funny, etc.), email the company and tell them. They almost always will reimburse you or send you a FREE coupon.

As you can see from above, I LOVE VEGETABLES.

Outback was giving away 1,000,000 FREE steak dinners yesterday, which quicky met their limit. BUT, if you missed getting your free steak you can still get a $5 off coupon. Go to and get your coupon. $5 off is better than nothing.

E coupons are electronic coupons, meaning the are paperless and added on your phone (if it is capable), or your store card. Many stores now have this in an effort to “go green”.  So go to the websites of your favorite stores to load your coupons. Also, there are 2 sites I’d like to tell you about. They are Cellfire and Savings Star.

  • – This site you will enter your store card # and select the coupons you want loaded to your card. They may not include all stores. What stores are not here will most likely be on Savings Star.
  • –  This is the same concept as Cellfire and works the same way.
  • Your receipt will not change. On your receipt you may see CF. That is a Cellfire coupon. What happens is whatever ecoupons that you use will be credited to your Cellfire or Savings Star account. When you reach $5 worth of coupons you used, you can request your payout. They will either credit your PayPal or send you a check. This is sort of like a rebate. AND, what is really great about this, is you can still use paper coupons in addition to the items you are buying for extra savings. And who doesn’t love that ?

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